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The top of the mountain Larún offers an exceptional view over the Basque coast. vasca. + info


In 1947 a Young man from Bera, Juan Peña, decided to start a small business in a stone cabin near the mountain top Larún. From there, he would supply oranges, drinks, espadrilles…etc. to the French who would reach the mountain top by the little train as the borders were closed because of the Second World War and France was in short supply of basic items.
In the early 50s, Juan Peña built a wooden cabin closer to the mountain top and by the end of this decade he was definitely there to stay.
The beginnings were quite hard. As Juan Peña said himself: “Here, we work just like the Romans did”. All of the building material as well as the merchandise had to be brought up by mules or oxen. Afterwards, a cable system was installed and the merchandise was transported in 12 cages from the base of the mountain to the top. Then, this system was perfected with a powerful electrical motor and steel posts

Later in the 70s, a trail was built and sports utility vehicles were used as transport.
Little by little the cable system was ceased to be used until 2005, when by order of the Government of Navarra, it was totally dismantled.